Campaign Agent Application

Welcome. I am glad you have expressed an interest in supporting my campaign and more specifically wishing to campaign for me. Ths is a job and should you be selected you will need to understand that your participation is as a sub-contractor and therefore must have legalities in place for tax purposes.  January of each year you will receive a 1099 for you to file with your taxes. As with all things legal there are certain hoops through which you need to jump to be legal.

The W-9 Form


If you are selected as one of our Campaign Agents we need some way of allowing the Federal Government to know you have contracted with us for tax reason, therefore click the following W-( to go to the IRS to complete the form. You MUST copy and paste completed form in appropriate field on the application form below.





The next hoop through which to jump is the actual application to become a Campaign Agent  This form serves as your Letter Of Intent to act as an campaigning agent for the Pendleton2018 campaign. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE ALL REQUIRED FIELDS ARE COMPLETED CORRECTLY! Failure to do so will DEFINITELY INTERFERE with receiving compensation!

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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The Golden Press Script


I realize that I have presented this script on another page, however, it is tantamount that I am able to impress upon you the importance of your becoming completely familiar so that you presentation appears to be human and sincere. Practice as often as you can. If possible commit it to memory. The more fluid it appears the more likely you are to get the needed 5 minutes in which to make this appeal.






Hello (extending your RIGHT hand with Campaign Card in LEFT hand), my name is (YOUR NAME HERE). How are you doing today. I am campaigning for Mark C. Pendleton for the 2016 Presidential election. May I have just 5 minutes of your time.?  Fine Thank you. As I said I am campaigning for Mark C. Pendleton for President of the United States in 2016 and we would appreciate your vote for him. Are you a registered voter . (if they are say:) That's great! (hand the card) This card gives you information about Mr. Pendleton and his websites and campaign headquarters. We would appreciate you to at least check it out to learn about him and his platform. This card is also worth upto $70.00 for you as payment for the time you have given me. Your redeeming the card on the site will also pay me $5.00 for my campaigning. Mark really has some good plans for the country as well as planning a new political congress called the APV standing for America's Political Voice party. It is time we took back this country from the career politicians and special interest groups.


If you are not registered you can go to the website  to register. Mark's campaign will pay you $100 to register to vote, regardless of the political. He believes that ALL Americans should be involved in the running of our government.


Thank you for your time (again shaking their hand and smiling), have a good day.

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