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This Card Is Worth UPTO $70.00 To You!


Approximately 10 million of you have received one of these Campaign Cards from one of my Campaign Agents that is pictured to the right. If you have one it is worth UPTO $70.00 to you if you follow the directions to follow TO-THE-LETTER! I am providing you this opportunity because you were kind enough to provide one of my campaigning agents a few moments of your time to speak to you on my behalf as a Presidential candidate for 2016  asking you to visit my campaign website announcing my candidacy for President of the United States in 2016.

Campaign Card

Simply put I am paying you for your time. Hopefully you will gather, after visiting my site, a better understanding of who I am and what I stand for as far as life and political concerns and perspectives. You should come to the conclusion that my candidacy is completely different from anything you have experienced in the past.

Should you decide to redeem this card you, not only, will secure for yourself UP TO $70.00, but also provide $5.00 to the agent who spoke with you. It is your redemption of this card that will pay the agent's salary. hat I am going to ask you to do is to order a FREE Debit MasterCard from netSpend. Please understand that there is no affiliation between netSpend and myself other than when you follow the directions to follow. IF you do what I ask you will receive $20.00 for loading your free card. What I need is for you to send me your account number from your card after receiving it in the mail.

Should you decide to take the netSpend option PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING FORM UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE YOUR NEW ACCOUNT NUMBER! If, however, you already have a netSpend account then complete the following form with your netSpend account number or your PayPal account email. Which is determined by you as to which account you would like to receive your payment. hen we receive it we will make your $50 distribution on either the 15th or last day of each month. (This is so that we can make bulk payments and save ourselves some time). If you already have an netSpend card you will not receive the $20 UNLESS u go through our link below. NetSpend allows you up to three cards with which to receive the $20.00 bonus. If you have a PayPal account or set one up through our link you will receive only $50.00.


To redeem your card follow these instructions EXACTLY! The image to the upper left is the obverse of my Campaign Card. At the bottom are TWO very important data that you will need to complete the following redemption form.On the form below to redeem your card YOU MUST include the Campaign Agent's name AS IT APPEARS on the card in the appropriate box on the form. In the box asking for "Agent Code" YOU MUST copy the code EXACTLY! Failure to comply with these instructions will result in your inability to redeem the card and also will FORFEIT Agent's salary payment so PLEASE make sure you follow instructions as stated. Please note: the info on the card is my information so to keep people from cheating MY code has SEVEN digits and an ADDITIONAL alpha symbol. There are 10,000 of these as well, however, the information is proprietary. You can only redeem it if you received it personally from me. Also for security the Agent's cards also have one additional digit and it is alpha/numeric in nature. Only visible on the card.

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