Contribute WITHOUT Contributing!

I know how ludicrous this sounds and quite frankly I have no desire ask for campaign contributions. In my opinion campaign contributions are too often used to manipulate election out-comes in order to control elected officials to act in the best interests of the contributors rather than in the interest those who elected them. Such actions smacks in direct contrast to the intent on the development of this country . . . "Tax." To me it seems that those on Capitol Hill have lost sight of their jobs!

I believe in this country and the principles upon which it was established and I am sick and tired of career politicians turning a deaf ear to the public, their desires and their wishes. It is time we took this country back and the actions and policies were attuned to the wishes of the constituency. Which is why I am running. To be able to be a TRUE representative one must be beyond the reach of power-mongers and special interest groups. I believe that through this approach that can be accomplished. Which is why I am NOT seeking or accepting contributions to my campaign.


If you really want to give something, because you believe in what I am planning to do in the four years I will be serving, then at my request give the money you wanted to give to this cause to your favorite charity. Let Mr. Obama and other politicians raise and spend dollars on getting elected and neglect the lives of the American people who are in need of some assistance. I will not a, however, will not add my name to such acts and activities. The American people deserve more and are entitled to more. As I have said throughout all my activities of my seeking the office . . . America deserves ACTION not RHETORIC . . . ACTIONS speak louder than words!


However, if you believe in what it is that I am trying to do and wish to get accomplished in my four years you may assist this campaign INDIRECTLY by looking into some of the programs listed on this page. Understand each program is designed to make your financial situation in life better.


Now please be advised that several of the following programs are businesses that I have developed or in the process of establishing (They are in the section headed by "MY PROGRAMS"), or are programs that my Jobs 4 Profit program is participating in, IF you have ANY ethical issues with my using such in the process of gathering financial support for this campaign then. When you click any banner below a new window will open and set before you a 5 second ad from Adfly. Whenever any banner is click and you view the ad for 5 seconds $0.002 will be contributed to my campaign. Just click the "SKIP AD" link when it appears in the top right corner of the page to be taken to the respective site.



Open a FREE Debit MasterCard, load with $40 at 7-11 and you get $20 and $20 is DONATED to campaing fund.

The following programs will also provide contributions to my campaign in two ways. The first is when you click te banner you will be taken to an advertising sight called AdFly. After 5 seconds will will be prompted to SKIP HERE and be taken to the respective site. With each click $0.002 cent will be added to my campaign funds. tHE FOLLOWING PROGAMS ARRE ALL FREE TO JOIN!

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