I Want To Buy Your Vote!

This is not a joke! All I am asking is that you hear me out! Hello friend, my name is Mark C. Pendleton. I am a Christian, a minister, an evangelist, an educator, an inventor, an entrepreneur, and now a candidate for President of the United States of America in the 2012 presidential election and simply "I want to buy your vote!"


As you are aware our country is experiencing THE absolute worst financial crisis it has experienced since the Great Depression of the 1920's. 

Economic indicators paint a picture just as bleak for the near future as what we are encountering today. Quite frankly I am just plain tired of how our government has been running and MESSING up our lives and economy and I am here to do something about it. You know four years ago we were promised: "Change you can believe in!" and now 3 years into the run of the current administration what has changed? Well, if you are a member of the Armed Forces you have the freedom to express your choice of sexuality without fear of reprisal and/or expulsion. Rah! The war in Iraq is over . . . but troop deployment to Afghanistan has been escalated . . . so what's the difference?! Trillions have been squandered in failed economic stimulation attempts! The deficit has increased by over $2 trillion! The ceiling for deficit spending  has been increased by almost the same amount! The country was FORCED to accept a Medical reform program which appears to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL and more expensive to the economy. Unemployment looms at a constant 9% or worse! And for those who are working current statistics indicate that 1 in every 2 Americans are in the poverty level or just barely above the poverty level so that their income cannot make any beneficial adjustments to their current economics status. That's 50% of ALL working Americans. Well if this IS change we can believe in . . . THEN HELP MY UNBELIEF! 

And now, another presidential election has transpired and we have the same problems as before with no end in sight!  I am 57 years old and have been through 15 presidential elections and I have a question. If all these experts have the betterment of America at heart and they have all the answers or the answer that will fix the problems, why is it that NONE OF THEM ever do anything to help America BEFORE an election and despite it if they do not win the election. All they do is make promises that are rarely kept and really make no difference FOR THE BETTER for America.

Well I am here to change all that. As I said I want to Buy Your Vote! What I am doing is pointing out two things that are completely different about my campaign than any other before me and likely any other after me. If you really examine what is happening during an election year that is exactly what every candidate is trying to do: "BUY YOUR VOTE!" In the 2012 election over a BILLION dollars was spend BY JUST THE FINAL TWO CANDIDATES ALONE! And EACH election the price for the center seat comes at a greater price than the previous. Political spending is scandalous to say the least.

Aamounts of money in trying to woo you into believing that they are the BEST personnd when all is said and done all that money spent has helped only a select few.So wjy am I runing? Firstly I am going to PROVE that I am the one best qualified for the job. I am just being more honest and direct about my intent. Secondly, I am trying to better America by getting the money in the hands of the very people who are going to make this recession recover. Quite frankly the only way for this economy to recover is to get money in the hands of the American people NOT the hands of the businesses that caused the problems in the first place and HOPE those efforts will trickle down. In short I am FULFILLING a campaign promise BEFORE the election. I am going to restore consumer confidence in the economy, infuse a MINIMUM  of $2.5 trillion dollars in NEW revenue into the American economy, get that money into the hands of the people, 100 million American households, WITHOUT using tax dollars or sacrificing America's future on the problems of today and BEFORE the election in 2012! But this is the beginning. This is Phase 1 of my program and platform which is why I am wanting to buy your vote. Because I have big plans for the American government. You can read my platform on this site. You can think about my administration "America's Extreme Makeover - The Government Edition" or more simply: "Actions Speak Louder!"

Let me explain that all I am asking you to do is to hear me out before you discount me and my statement as some sort of joke or hoax.

Believe me when I say that I am very earnest about this and would appreciate some consideration before your passing judgment. But just consider the following. What if I could GIVE you your very own home business that you could own and operate WITHOUT ever spending a dime of your own money but would generate a GUARANTEED minimum ANNUAL income of AT LEAST $25,000.00 every year for the rest of your life?! Also consider: What if I could pay you your first distribution of that $25,000.00 BEFORE the upcoming Presidential election?! Would such a feat be worth ONE vote in the upcoming election? That is, IF I were able to give this opportunity to AT LEAST 1 million people, then would you take me seriously?! Would that PROVE to you that ONE: I mean what I say and TWO that quite possibly that I am the one best qualified for directing America and leading us out of this financial feascal we have been forced into? Consider also that if I were able to accomplish this feat BEFORE the general election in 2012 that we would still be in this financial mess in which we find ourselves and it would demonstrate to all that government spending an the exaggerated focus on the same IS NOT the action to be taken by ANY administrative leader and that spending tax-payer's dollars IS NOT the answer to our problems?!

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