If You Must!

We realize that the picture to the left communicates something about our political structure that is a best disparaging. THIS IS NOT who we are and we are here to attempt to change the practice of American politics and more importantly how it is viewed by the American people and ultimately buy the world at large.

American was once a world power that was respected by the world community, however, our political structure has left a bad taste in the moths of America and the world. We are running to try to change that. That is one of the reasons we developed the previous page to gather campaign funds indirectly WITHOUT taking those funds from the pockets of the American people. We, however, are mindful of the desires of some who may wish to make greater contributions to our campaign because you may be in agreement with our platform and political position. At the same time we do not wish to appear as mongers who are only interested in building finances so they can be squandered. As you can see from other places on our site we have opted to do something different with our funds. Never before have campaigned funds been used in the way we are opting. However, we are adamantly opposed to contributors contributing EXPECTING special favors for their contributions, therefore we have developed this program that WILL ALLOW direct contributions, however, their being accepted by us is commensurate with restrictions we are imposing. With this said you may contribution up to $1,000 . . . ABSOLUTELY NO MORE! Contributions of MORE than $1,000 WILL - NOT - BE - ACCEPTED unless special arrangement have been made and agreed upon. ALL contributions MUST be accompanied with the CONTRIBUTOR'S AGREEMENT/RELEASE FORM that follows. MO CONTRIBUTION WILL BE ACCEPTED  WITHOUT THE FOLLOWING FORM ACCOMPANYING! Contributions may be made on-line or through snail mail to provided address. If contribution is made on-line simply  download form, fill in pertinent info and SIGN, scan and upload to computer and copy and paste into on-line contribution gateway. If through snail-mail download and complete form . . . MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SIGNED FORM! and send to the following address:

Pendleton - Robbins

Campaign Contribution

750 N 1400 W

Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Campaign Contribution Form

I _____________________________ (the undersigned) do willfully and freely make this contribution in the amount of $__________________ . ____ to the Campaign Fund for the Presidential ticket of Pendleton and Robbins. I make this contribution in accordance with my own freewill with duress or coercion and WITHOUT  expectation or SPECIAL consideration. AT NO TIME DO I EXPECT NOR WILL I EXPECT AND/OR SEEK ANY CONSIDERATION FROM EITHER CANDIDATE WITH RESPECT TO PERSONAL DESIRES COMMENSURATE WITH MY PERSONAL INTEREST. I further, THEREFORE, release these funds to the specified campaign ticket to be used by the candidates and/or committee to use, distribute, and/or expend funds in accordance with their intent.

Signed: _________________________________________

Printed Signature: _________________________________

Address: ________________________________________

Date: _________________________

Phone: ________________________

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