It's Your Vote!

In all axtuality the vote is always within your purview.  I designed this program long before I decided to run for President. Whether or not you decide to vote for me WILL NOT influence your opportunity to participate in this program. Both te program and promise is yours.. Several years ago I saw the direction of the American economy and wanted to do something about it. I contacted many public officials, including the present Administration but my appeals fell on deaf ears. I developed this approach using the  "I Want To Buy Your Vote" catch phrase in order to capture your attention and since you are here I apparently accomplished my goal.

Simply what I am trying to do is repair the American economy. I believe in America and want to assist in her recovery.When it comes down to it, that is at the voting booth, it is totally within your control and desire. There is no way for me to know whether or not I received your vote and you should vote your conscience regardless. But consider! If I am successful in accomplishing the task I have set forth through this program and the recession ends as a result, and the American people have both a new prospect on the level of confidence and increase of spending that results in changing or ENDING the recession, and if, through my program, that the unemployment level is VIRTUALLY eliminated wouldn't that be enough of an indicator that someone is capable in helping America to heal WITHOUT sacrificing its future and without the squandering of her financial resources may have the answers America needs right now? Wouldn't that be enough to suggest that maybe a vote in my court might just be the solution to the various problems with which we are faced? Or would you rather continue to conform to some misguided loyalty to PARTY political compliance? In short the decision for America's future rests with you.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


Mark C. Pendleton


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