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Are You A REGISTERED Voter?!

I am not being frivolous with this question and it PRIMARILY is focused at SENIORS in high school and people 18 years and older. However, as I have found there are many adults who have been disillusioned by the contemporary trend of political adherents who tend to act NOT on the behalf of their constituency but rather upon their own self and prejudiced interest. Although this may be an accurate assessment of contemporary politics . . . IT IS NOT A JUSTIFIABLE EXCUSE TO NOT BE INVOLVED WITH THE WAY YOUR COUNTRY IS RUN! As citizens of the United States it is the responsibility of EACH citizen to take an ACTIVE part in the political structure of the country. So I intend to do something about it. For the NEXT 2 YEARS I am going to PAY YOU $100.00 to register as a voter of the United States of America.

Yes you read correctly. I will pay you to register to vote . . . HOWEVER you must me certain criteria first. You may call this the catch if you like, however, I am not going to just give anyone who wants to take advantage of this opportunity. Following are those stipulations.




* You MUST be 18 years of age or older.

* You MUST be able to Citizenship or LEGAL resident status.


* You MUST complete registration VERIFICATION from this site.

(Be assured WE WILL check it out!)


Following are TWO online voter registration sites. The second is if you are of Latino descent and would like a more user friendly site. Just click the banner of choice.

The following three banners are for your selection of payment. If you have either payment gateway then disregard this section and complete redemption form below. Just place your account info in the CORRECT  window.

After you have OPENED your PayPal account and RECEIVED the confirmation about your application COME BACK  to this page and complete this form to be paid. We will pay you through PayPal or netSpend. Payment is at your discression. Make payment information on following form.





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This a REAL opportunity for any who are interested in earning some  very good money for some VERY easy work. I am seeking 1000 individuals who are in agreement with my political platform, willing to support me in the 2016 Presidential election, and would consider spending the next 2 years in direct campaigning for me UP TO the Primary Election in November of 2016. IF selected I will pay ALL campaign related expenses including travel to selected cities, room and board up to $50/day for meals.
The job also includes ALL local travel expenses including bus and rail expenses in areas where transportation is needed plus a monthly car allowance you reimburse you for using your own vehicle, Each of you will receive an annual allotment of my campaign Cards that announce my candidacy for President in 2016. When a card is properly redeemed you will receive $5.00, thus translating ionto UP TO $50,000 per year. There ARE performance requirements and  . . . IT WILL BE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THE CARD RECIPIENT IS A REGISTERED VOTER!

To assist you in your decision the following requirements MUST be met.
You will be classed as a Campaign Agent should you be selected to participate. Please understand that this job is for ONLY TWO YEARS. It is strongly recommended that you join either our profit-share program: Paradigm Profit-Share program and/or Jobs4Profit program. They are both free to join and participate in and will provide you an annual residual income once the 2016 election is over. Just click either link below to the left.

Paradigm Ministries International is the parent corporation for this profit-share program to the left. It is strictly limited to one million. Go to the site to read specifics. Jobs4Profit - USA is the program that provides an annual base income of $25,000 per year for life  The program is open to ALL US citizens 18and older and all LEGAL residents 18 and older.

The CA MUST complete a W-9 PRIOR to completing the online application.

(W=9 application is on the application form page)

The CA MUST complete the online application indicating intent to act as a Campaign Agent for my campaign

The CA MUST upload PID (Picture Identification) with application.

The CA MUST familiarize self with Golden Press script which is used when approaching prospective voters.

(Golden Press script is below as-well-as on application page)

The CA MUST be 18 years of age and a registered voter in the United States.



Hello (extending your RIGHT hand with Campaign Card in LEFT hand), my name is (YOUR NAME HERE). How are you doing today. I am campaigning for Mark C. Pendleton for the 2016 Presidential election. May I have just 5 minutes of your time.?  Fine Thank you. As I said I am campaigning for Mark C. Pendleton for President of the United States in 2016 and we would appreciate your vote for him. Are you a registered voter. (if they are say:) That's great! (hand the card) This card gives you information about Mr. Pendleton and his websites and campaign headquarters. We would appreciate you to at least check it out to learn about him and his platform. This card is also worth up to $70.00 for you as payment for the time you have given me. Your redeeming the card on the site will also pay me $5.00 for my campaigning. Mark really has some good plans for the country as well as planning a new political congress called the APV standing for America's Political Voice party. It is time we took back this country from the career politicians and special interest groups.


If you are not registered you can go to the website  to register. Mark's campaign will pay you $100 to register to vote, regardless of the political. He believes that ALL Americans should be involved in the running of our government.


Thank you for your time (again shaking their hand and smiling), have a good day.

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