I am seeking only one term as President of the United States. The reasons for this are quite numerous and specific, however, two very important ones are that I will not have to be distracted with respect to seeking a second term so that I can FULLY concentrate on the responsibilities at hand and the second, being related to the first I will not have to worry about trying to get party related candidates elected to respective offices. Since I am an Independent I have no interest in party politics and therefore no desire or concern as to who is to be elected into office for the term following my term. With respect to the attention and focus of my administration following is the platform under which I will be running and the things I will be trying to accomplish in my single term. My intent is to restore America and to assist Americans to regain the control of its operation and place it again where it is suppose to be . . . in the hands of the AMERICAN people so that it can AGAIN be a government of the people, by the people, and FOR the people!


As I said I am seeking only one term to correct several of the difficulties currently plaguing this great country of ours. My administration will be operated under the slogan “Actions Speak Louder . . .” To accomplish much of the agenda I will mobilize the public (soverign society) to bring about pressure on the elected body of officials in order to avoid the petty partisan bickering and in so doing getting Congress to work together to effectively for benefit of the American communal society. Following is my tentative agenda for the 2013 term, however, not all points are on the agenda since I intend to accomplish two goals before the 2012 elections. The first is concerning unemployment and the second is reform of the financial services industry:




My plan to eliminate the problem of immigration will take about three months., however, it will ensure that ALL legal foreign residents are dutifully registered AND WILL BE ACTIVELY involved with becoming LEGAL citizens of the United States. It will employ greater restriction on border entry requirements thus squelching the illegal migration problem. Also the proposed law WILL REQUIRE ALL violators to a reparation recompense to the States in which violations occur and also for those accessories to the illegal statuses.


My proposal is for two programs THAT WILLl set into motion a COMPOUNDING refurbishing of the Social Security Program and the economy as a whole. With respect to Social Security this program will address specifically the depletion of the Social Security funds as well as a way for it to grow as the American population grows by re-directing the existing Social Security balance funds into interest bearing accounts which will, in 20 years, add an additional 44 trillion dollars to the Social Security fund. It will assist in the TOTAL obliteration of the federal deficit. Also it will provide for a balanced budget and by so doing have the Federal government operating in the black within 10 tears. This program will also create an annual surplus interest revenue that will provide an annual benefit of NOT LESS THAN $50 billion dollars to be given to every State for their respective annual operation thus allowing them to REDUCE there annual taxes by the same amount. The second proposal, which unfortunately was not my idea but that of George Noory of Coast to Coast AM, is to utilize the Alaskan oil deposits as an income source . As such 50% of the annual revenues of the sale of the oil globally will be applied to the National Debt. This will work in conjunction qith my plan to eliminate the debt at an even greater rate. The other annual 50% revenues is to be divided into equal amounts and distributed to ALL  Americans annually as a profit-share from the sale of the Alaskan oil. This will provide each American an annual base income that will thwart any appearance of a financial crisis in the future. To receive annual benefits each American will have to provide proof of citizenship with a VALID Social Security Number. Such proof will be mandatory on an annual basis.


I do not wish to convey that I am an expert on every topic of concern for the United States of America. That is what the advisers experts are for. However, I will NEVER place America in the situation of minimizing or reducing our political and defensive posture in the world. America needs to remain strong on the world front. It is time we recovered our position as a strong nation and not this whipy characterization that has been communicated by the current Administration.


Just as with national defense I will NEVER work to minimize the position of the United States on the world stage. I will seek out diplomacy when and where possible, however, I will not back down or cower under the threats of other foreign powers seeking to flex their international muscles by threatening some types of nuclear threats. I will seek out the advice of staff and experts in most cases dealing with Foreign policy


The time has come for ALL Financial Institutions engauged in the business of providing a storage place for Unsequred Loans (Deposits) made by the clientel to have full and complete security of THEIR assests. In any situation where MORE THAN CLIENT DEPOSITOR has committed funds to the trust of any financial institution IT MUST BE THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE FSE (Financial Services Entity) to provide FULL AND COMPLETE security for ALL indiciduals who have access to the funds in a shared account, joint account, or subservient account. Currently ONLY ONE person as named on any account HAS LKEGAL ATHOURITY to disolve any account and WITHDRAW any and all funds associated with said account. This practice provides NO security to the funds to all depositors regardless of status on said accounts. The intent of this legislation will be to impose restrictions on personal and /or business funds so that NO DISSOLUTION or DISSOLVMENT CAN OCCUR WITHOUT WRITTEN/NOTARIZED verification. This will make it the responsibility to advised ALL concerned representatives of the funds of any attempt of any joint to try to dissolve and subsequently withdraw funds from the account. This is very prevalent in Joint Account situations where, in the event of say a divorce, one spouse can and does dissolve a JOINT account WITHOUT providing knowledge of intent and subsequently allowing the same to take all funds from the other without permission and/or knowledge. This is especially so when the funds are in a separate yet subservient relationship to the primary account holder. This act will force the FAIR treatment of ALL parties involved in joint holdings and keep from happening the loss of funds. This Administration will seek the FSEs to provide security for all its depositors.


The educational system has for quite sometime been ineffective in educating our children to develop academically. What with No Child Left Behind and currebt meritorious projects creativity and innovation have been ELIMINATED from the hands and abilities of U. S. educators. When I was beginning as a teacher I was told, after asking a District Director, what I should do as a mew teacher, responded that I should view teaching like an apple with the core of the apple being the center around which the apple is made. The remaining flesh is the creative license I had to impart the curriculum. Now the VORE  has expanded to encompass the entire apple keaving room, if any, for the teacher's creativity to come into play. This is even more a detriment to the student. The student is no longer viewed as n individual capagle of developing and understanding his/her environment. The pursuit of knowledge has been stiffled and relegated to 5.5 hours of didactive programming of math and language arts. What is most to the detriment of our children and our society as a whole is that all this FORCED training HAS ... NOT ... MADE ... A ... DIFFERENCE!. Piaget demonstrated that we learn by doinh and Vygotski showed that thae knowledge we gain through interactive was hone and extended through open communication. The Department of Education is nothing more thann a drain on the American economy and should be REMOVED from the control of the Federal Goverment which has absolutely NO idea about what is viable in education and what is not. That power, so to speak, should be in the hands of those who know education and do it. The Department of Education shouls be dissolved and the direction and control placed into the hands of the States.



Far too long have the credit collecting entities being interfering in the lives of too many Americans and pushing the realization of the American Dream beyond the reach of most. If elected I will force legislation that will bring this industry into check. First it will be MANDATORY that these entities ensure that the information they collect is up-to-date and ACCURATE! They will be required to VERIFY any and all information they collect to ensure accuracy. SECOND: it will no longer be the responsibility of the credited to determine the accuracy of the reports about them. If these entities sell inaccurate information about you to any creditor THEY WILL BE MONETARILY responsible to the individual(s) against whom they publish the inaccurate information. Such practice is nothing short than economic libel and they should be held accountable. THIRD: The practice of an individual's credit score being dinged when a creditor solicits information about a possible candidate is ludicrous and therefore shall be discontinued. I will force legislation to ensure that no one is reduced in credit worthiness stature.


I intend to restore consumer confidence and spending BEFORE the 2016 election by infusing a minimum of $2.5 trillion of NEW revenue into the American economy


The Tax Code is too complicated and cumbersome and basically forces the average American to look outside of their own abilities and resources to complete, therefor I am proposing the re-structuring of the Code completely and establishing a flat tax of 0% for individuals making under $25,000.00; 10% for ALL individuals at $25,000.00 and above (5% may be returned because of charitable contribution), and 15% business and corporate (with up to 5% reclaimable due to charitable contributions). and for dismantling of the IRS superstructure as currently operating. This constitotrs a total elimination of all superfluous taxes such as the inheritance tax (which essentially is double taxation) and estate tax. My Administration will seek to reduce deductions and exemptions but encourage contributions to charities annually by providing a reduction of required percentages as aforestated.. The leveling of tariff structures to make more conducive for US businesses to manufacture their products in the US and not provide for or encourage manufacturing overseas. This will in effect bolster trade revenues, increase the job base in the United States, increase tax revenues due to a larger job and corporate base.


No Child Left Behind has been an unnecessary and ineffective drain on the American economy and needs to be Left Behind. As a former educator I have dealt with the excessive strain caused by the law and have also seen the creativity of teachers being squelched, stifled, and virtually eliminated because of its influence. I will make it a direct act of my administration seek to repeal this albatross around the American educational system. I will also work to equalize the funding of the educational profile and effort to see that children are empowered in their own education. I will change the influence of the Federal government on the educational process and alleviate the burden from the taxpayers caused by this mindless initiatives and law.


The welfare of Americans needs to be re-structured in such a way that people are not penalized for trying to improve their financial situation. This country penalizes individuals caught in economic depravity and actually DISCOURAGES the attempt of said individuals to raise themselves out of that depraved economic situation. My proposal looks to a pro-rata scale of support elimination directly related to the rise in individual income so that those effected can continue to rise above the financial difficulties and regain or exceed their current financially depraved conditions.


Remove the tax-exempt status state of non-profit organization except in the case where contributions are allowed for direct operating expenses of the non-profit


A MAXIMUM of 5% (five) percent of individual income will be allowed to be reduced from annual taxeswhen give to charitable organizations. However, such contributions will be restricted to the funds needed for the daily aqnd future operations of the charitable entity, the DIRECT operations only. Charitable organization use the tax-exempt status as a shield for NON DIRECT OPERATION EXPENSES. For example many church in addition to daily operations own houses, accommodations, even farms which are used to produce income, however, revenues are proctected under tax exempt status. Any sundry activity and holding of a tax-exempt entitity will be counted as income like everyone else and proceeds from said activities will be TAXABLE under the same rates as everyone else. Even material donated to thrift concerns which are repaired and sold for MORE than costs of reparation.


Welcome to the U nion of S ocialistic A merica . . . or as it should be called since Mr. Obama and this Aministration have FORCED America into completing the FIRST step toward a socialist government with the passage of the Health Care Reform known as the Adforable Heatcare Act. Frankly I am not one who would site statements made by former President Ronald Reagan, however, in 1961 he warned about the move to socialism through liberalism (Obama and the current Administration) he warned that socialism would lead to the destruction of the Americanc freedoms as we know it (cf. Coffee Cup). What else could this move be when the Presidential Candidate for the United States DROPS OUT of the election saying that his work has already been done by the current Administration (cf. XXX). REGARDLESS of what the Supreme Court (who in my opinion should be ELECTED instead of appointed fior life) there is NO WAY that the AHA can be constitutional. My efforts will be to erradicate that legislation as well as other social mores from American life and politics. This involves repealing the Obama Health Care initiative and forcing the care providers to provide care based on existence and bringing down costs of services. It also looks to avoid the same kind of health care mandate implemented in Massachusetts by Mitt Romney. Both programs, Obama's and Romney's look surprisingly and strickingly similar to that program proposed by former President Richard Nixon. Just click the following link for more information: Nixon/Kennedy Health Care.


ObamaCare has got to go in favor of programs and WEBSITES that actually work and do not cost the American people more money.


Part of our economic woes is the unrestricted freedom of this industry. It is time the insurance industry did its job in our society. I will move to make this industry more accountable to the American people instead of themselves. The "Health Care Act" is a travesty and financially burdensome to the American people. Obama-Care should be de-funded and eliminated for real reform in the industry.


Too long have the finances of Americans been left in the hands of entities whose primary concern is THEIR bottom-lines. The financial industry, in my opinion, was one of the GREATEST contributors to our economic downfall and subsequent woes. It is time this industry get a complete makeover as far as intent and authority is concerned. This industry needs to be MORE accountable about how they "Protect" Americans and our posterity. I will introduce legislation that will curtail the influence and authority of this industry. It needs to be understood that government assistance IS NOT the answer to economic reform. The economy CAN BE REPAIRED only through the introduction of NEW revenues at the grassroots level. The "Trickle-down" mentality is a flawed thinking process. The very name "trickle" means that the majority of funds when placed in the purview of the those-that-have means that only a "trickle" (minuscule amount ever reaches the level of those-who-have-not! If influx of new revenue is introduced at the lowest levels it will "TRICKLE-UP" to the higher levels because of increased consumer confidence and spending. Such will repair the economy. It WILL EVER  occur through tax incentives, breaks, and levies! Manipulating taxes only weakens the foundation and perpetuates increasing weakness over time and upon the shoulders of our posterity, our children. This mentality makes the foundation more unstable and unable to support  the weight of the economy. If this economy is ever to recover and grow the foundation MUST be stirred up. And the only way this can be done is through increased revenues. 


he Social Security Administration, due to lack of foresight, has squandered the retirement funds by making the fund static and placed in the hands of government officials who haven't a clue on how to handle monetary funds. I will work toward the privatization of the Administration. Before, however, I will extend the time of payment into the fund to replenish its amount and then allow for reasonable investment of the funds removing it from its stagnancy. Once implimented I will work for a limiting of required Social Security payments to 40 quarters or 10 years of mandatory payments.


The federal government has too many fingers in the business of America. It is time the government released controls into the public and private sectors of entities better equipped to handle the situations that occur. My administration will be less hands on and act to oversee the proper and better operation of our country. Simply put the Federal Government is too big and intrusive. My Administration will work to ELIMINATE superfluousness and redundancy. I will seek to have the salaries of all concerned by 25% and the presidency by 50%. I will seek legislation to require term limits on Senate and Congress and work to re-structure the Judicial branch to be elected rather than appointed for life. No other judicial branch of other levels of government have this benefit and the American people should have more say in the way the judiciary operates.


Get America off of dependence on fossil fuels. Simple and to the point! There is absolutely no reason why the world let alone America should be using fossil fuels to provide our energy needs. There are a plethora of NON-POLLUTING energy creation technologies already in existing that will provide for all energy needs of America which are renewable. If I am elected I will force legislation to utilize existing technologies and work to develop new technologies and remove us FOREVER from dependence on fossil fuels of any sort.


Organizations in our government that are established to protect our activities and rights will do more protecting and less directing and dictating of American posterity. My administration will establish new guidelines for the operation of these groups to ensure they are acting in the BEST interest of the American people and not that of those groups that have risen to be the focus of their concerns. These groups include the FDA, EPA and such.


"Provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare" are expressions in our Preamble that instruct the activity of Homeland Security which also includes American's out of the country. These powers and responsibilities will be expanded to the point of providing security for Americans where ever they might be at any point in time.


The FDA will be re-structured so that the interest and benefits of the American people and not pharmaceutical companies . The FDA has allowed more deadly and debilitating drugs into our mouths than have all the illicit NON FDA approved programs and has allowed the American people to be OVERCHARGED for pseudo medicines which don't treat the illness but merely perpetuate the illnesses allowing the pharmaceutical companies to reign in control. It has also outlawed more cures simply because the cures actually cured and therefore stopped the control of American health by ineffective and usually destructive and even deadly drugs.


I know I am going to be asked my position on same sex marriages, especially in the wake of President Obama's "evolutionary" developed perspective. From the onset I have made no attempt to cover my convictions as a Christian. I am a Christian and my beliefs are strongly driven by my personal relationship with God and my interpretation of the Bible. With that being said I DO NOT support the notion of marriage being between anything other than ONE man and ONE woman! I will not support any legislation to define otherwise. Also I must state that individuals claiming to base positions in favor of same sex marriage I have considerable difficulty in equating such a stance when the Bible is quite clearly in opposition to such a stance. With that said individuals who have chosen such lifestyles should receive the same benefits as all other Americans.


Life begins at conception and I will therefore NOT support most legislation in favor of abortion. While bodies belong to the person participating in such acts which may result in the procreation of bodies that do not belong to them is not right. If people are going to participate in activities that may result in conception they bare the moral responsibility to provide for thosse who had no choice in the decsions made to engage in such activities have the RIGHT to protection.under the law. It may be your body, however, you have given up the choice when you decided to participate in said activities and produced another life. Abortion, in effect, violstes the Constitutional Rights of the unborn children.





What I mean is thw incessantly America is propagandized into accepting the political rhetoric as factual amd crediblw . . . and NOTHING could be further from the truth. Take fot example the "Unwmploymwnt Figures." The {resident, Cpngress and various Legislate entities would have you beloeve that unemployment is on the decline. Just yesterday I heard a statement that we only nwwd to add another 116,000 jobs and we will be back to where we were before the 2008 crash. What is wrong with this . . . just the facts ma'am. The numbes for unemployment are declining because those number depict who is elligible to apply for unem[loyment compensation and NOT the actual number of Americans DO NOT HAVE A JOB! Check around where you live . . . ask howmany people are unemployed. You''ll find that approximately 37% of the American [p[ilace is unemployed. And why is this is so . . . because the MAJORITY of the unemployed ARE NOT ELLIGIBLE ro apply for unemployment insurance. This is just one example as to how the American people are deceived and flat out lied to by the respective governments. It is rime the Federal Government became accountable to its Ameican constituency. My Administration will seek to disclose as much FACTUAL innformation as possible without compromising the National Securoty.


There are far too many acco,,odations made to foreign businesses to entice trade and importation. My Administration will work to balance out tarrif so rgar foeeign concerns play on the same level as American manufacturers so that foreign products do not undercut Ameican. This is America the world wants to participate in our markets and to do so should provide for them unfair business practices. 


This  Administration has done a masterful job of denegrating the perception of the United States on the world front. "Drawing the line in the sand" so to speak  only to having it overstepped, in defiance, by those "being warned". Falling short on warnings (THREATS) to countries against the use of chemical weapons . . . and now, the most recent fiasco, the DICTATED negotians with terrorists. Now correct me if I am wrong but the perpetual stance of the United States is and NOW was to NEVER negotiate with terrorists!. . .  PERIOD!!!" But now the world sees the United States . . . AGAIN more air than action! IT SEEMS THAT THE LONG HELD STANCE OF NO NEGOTIATION IS A SHAM IN THE EYES OF THE WORLD! Leading to the following INESCAPABLE CONCLUSION as far as the world is concerned . . . WHATEVER THE WORLD WANTS TO DO against THIS COUNTRY IS . . .  A OK with THIS current Administration. Again, correct me if I am wrong that one of the things that is ingrained into the psyche's of ALL military personnel that IF you get caught it is YOUR sworn duty and responsibility to escape OR to die in the process because THERE WILL BE NO NEGOTIANS . . . because the United States DOES NOT NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORIST . . . that is until now! My administration will work dilligently to RE-adjust the world's perception of the United States and US strength so that we will be again view as the "land of the free and the home of the brave." Not this watered down perception that the current Administration has been purveying to the world at large.


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