Well . . . the decision has been made and although I am hopeful it does not appear that the decision made is any better than the one that was made four years prior. America is still facing one of the greatest financial crises since the Great Depression and the choices made this year ARE NOT going to have a greater rectifying effects on the depression of the situation, however, I am still committed to America and our recovery an will continue to provide the opportunity that I had promised during the 2012 election year. 

Pendleton November 2012

Hello, my name is Mark C. Pendleton. The forth of four children. We lived most of my early life in Richmond, CA. My siblings are Leon Roy, Gary F. (Deceased) and Alan  C. I attended Lincoln Elementary in Richmond, CA, Roosevelt Jr. High in Richmond, CA. My high school experience was split between Kennedy High School and Harry Ells High School from which I graduated in 1972. My hobbies Included various science and math related activities as-well-as martial arts. Hobbies included, among other things, rocketry, aeronautics, light and optics (lasers and telescopes). I was an avid swimmer and participated in various sports. I took a Brown belt in Judo, and an orange belt (Instructor's rating) in Bok Fu. I also studied Kung Fu (Jeet Kun Do). I am not much of a sports spectator/fan, however, I do enjoy participating. I have started several businesses one of which is on this site under the title: "I Want To Buy Your Vote!"

I tutored/taught chemistry and physics at the high school from which I graduated for a while. I worked as a custodian at the Water Gate Apartment Complex (west coast counterpart of that one during the Nixon era) for a year before returning to school at Contra Costa Community College in San Pablo, CA where I began my studies in Business Administration. It was during my tenure there that my conversion to Christianity occured.

My work experience spans 40 plus years 30 (note that I did this in conjunction with being a minister as I am still) of which were in education.

I became a child of God on 4 August 1974. Subsequently I completed my studies at Contra Costa Community College and went to southern California to begin studies for the ministry at California Baptist University (the CBC) in 1975 after being licensed to preach by Clinton Avenue Baptist Church. During my tenure at CBU (CBC) I became Interim Pastor of West Whittier Baptist Church, Whittier, CA. Following a 9 month service I returned to northern California to begin studies at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (GGBTS). I graduated twice receiving a M.Div. (1980) and a Th M (1983). Between 1981 and 1982 I served as the Minister of Youth at 1st Baptist Church of Granger (West Valley City), UT.

Upon graduation I returned to Salt Lake City, UT where I began a church in Rose Park, UT. I was also keynote speaker at various workshops and served in consultative capacity in the subsequent years to current. I have authored numerous books on a variety of theological topics.

Upon graduation I returned to Salt Lake City, UT where I began a church in Rose Park, UT. I was also keynote speaker at various workshops and served in consultative capacity in the subsequent years to current. I have authored numerous books on a variety of theological topics.

On 10 January 1987 (divorced October 2013) I married Donna Marie Sanchez and became an instant father through the union with Donna who had 4 children, Gale, Nicole, Rudy, and Ricky John and subsequently the arrival of David E. (1988) and Nina M. (1989) completed the family unit until the arrival of 20 plus grandchildren.

I filed bankruptcy in the early 1990s due to extenuating circumstances that ensued from trying to help one of my step-children. In short he was tried and convicted of a felony. I borrowed a rather substantial amount of money from several of those PayDay loans establishments (pirates). In 2010 I applied for unemployment, unsuccessfully, because in the state in which I reside does not allow teachers to apply for unemployment if they are still employed. The same is said for those who work for a school district as a Substitute Teacher, which I am. Their rationale was that although I had no income during the months when school was out for the summer, if I had the possibility to return at the beginning of the new year I was not eligible. I was not even eligible for Food Stamps.

Why am I telling you this and willing to expose myself to you completely? There are three reasons. The first is because I do not want to put on any airs and have nothing to hide. Which brings us to the second reason to deflate any attempts by my opponents to try to discredit me. The third and probably the foremost is so that you, the American people, CAN KNOW that I come from the ranks with which most Americans can identify and show you that I am probably the only candidate that can identify with every socio-economic class in the country. With this as part of my resume you know that I have the best knowledge, gained through experience, to be the best representative for the American people. My candidacy is about EMPOWERING the American people. It is not about centralizing the power in the hands of the elected officials. If I am elected I am going to expect the American people to take an active part in the governance of America. John F. Kennedy said on numerous occasions: "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." If I am elected the focus of my tenure will be to get the American people involved in the running of OUR country. By taking back the power and getting America on the right track.

In 2002 I began filling the tugging of Holy Spirit in the direction of evangelism again. The moves and direction blossomed into what is now called Paradigm Ministries International, which is a total self-sufficient ministry dedicated to presenting a clear and positive message of Jesus Christ. The ministry is committed to giving and not receiving and therefore is dedicated to presenting the gospel without asking for or accepting contributions in any form.

As for political aspirations, I became disenchanted with what was going on in our country and the steps politicians were taking that were and are making the whole thing worse. In 2009 I sent a letter to Mr. Obama explaining I could fix the economy if anyone would listen. The response . . . nothing! Not even an inquiry as to how it could be done without spending tax dollars and borrowing money from our children's posterity . . . which as yet didn't even exist. I also presented my case to the media and news and met with the same response . . . silence. This said to me that most of the influential people in the country were not concerned about the problems of our country because they, themselves, were not affected by them.

I believe in America and know that my initial program, as depicted in this site, WILL fix the economy and to keep the crisis from ever happening again. I want to fix the economy, but that is only the beginning. I want to fix the whole country and have considerable programs that will do just that. My platform represents this and I am asking the American people to take a chance on themselves and open themselves to something other than a misplaced loyalty to some political party affiliation. Remember, this country WAS NOT founded by career politicians but by Patriots. If you are of the mistaken opinion that the political structure is not a career. Consider your situation if you are not a business owner. Question: "How do you AS AN EMPLOYEE get a raise?" Now consider how Congress ANNUALLY receives raises. . . . they vote themselves one. If I am not mistaken do not elected representatives WORK FOR US? That is one of the things that I am seeking to rectify, with your help. Frankly I am tired of why the elected officials have done to thiscountry and want to do something that makes America what it was and can be . . . and with your in 2016 we can!

II am seeking only one term and hope to exercise the full authority of the office and support of the American people to act in favor of America.

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